Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I have 30 minutes to get to bed!

Well let's see how I did on my list, I didn't get to bed like I said but I did get up only an hour later than my 8am. I worked on the computer most of the day trying to get the email from the weekend taken care of. I also organized some of the embroidery files on my computer which I needed to do so I would be able to find them for use later. I also made my quilt block for PBPQG. I will go back and edit yesterdays post to reflect that. I will be here most of the day tomorrow and I really have to get a couple of projects done for the weekend. I will be gone all day Thursday sewing with both guilds at Sit-n-Sews. At least they are not that far apart and I will be able go to one and stay for an while then head to the other for the rest of the afternoon. When I get home I have to get my project and supplies ready for a retreat I am going to with some of the women from my favorite quilt shop The Quilt Room (TQR) in Huffman. I am really looking forward to getting to know these ladies a lot better. I also need to finish my challenge project for Fat Sat at TQR, this month we could make anything we wanted with our fat quarter and embellish it. I haven't decided what to make yet but I have lots of trim that I can use and I will probably add some machine embroidery to it too.

Tonight at PBPQG the speaker was one of our members Kim Norton from A Busy Bobbin ( a professional longarmer. She showed us the most beautiful quilt that she and her mother have made. She had the first quilt that she made back when she was in 4-H I was so impressed. I have long been a fan of the beautiful work that she does but doubt that I will ever be able to afford to have any of my quilts professionally quilted but it doesn't hurt to dream. She has two long arm machines which she named Molly Monster & Betsy Beast, how cute are those names. LOL

My friend Lucy had to leave the meeting early because she wasn't feeling well and she left me her raffle tickets to see if she was a winner. She won a book and a $15 gift certificate to TQR. Yeah LUCY! Hope you feel better soon. I will get you your prize on Friday when I come through Huffman on the way to the retreat. I think I mentioned before that I put together the newsletter for the PBPQG and 2 of the ladies don't have email and were having to wait until the meeting to get a printed copy of the newsletter. Well last month when I finished the newsletter I printed a copy for each of them and mailed them. They were so appreciative and gave me a big hug. Such a small thing can be so meaningful and so many times we seem to overlook those things. I hope I never forget to think of others and put them first. I thank God daily for the blessings I have in my life and just really want to share the love and adoration that he has placed on my heart for others.

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