Monday, October 15, 2012

Life Really Does Happen!

You know "Life" moves by us so swiftly that sometimes we don't even realize it has passed us by! My life has been like that lately. It seems that my days run together and I can't seem to differentiate one from another, then life seems to catch up and all of a sudden my days flow easily. Life is funny that way, I have become so ingrossed in my life as a quilter and in trying to learn new things that I find that I am constantly coasting along trying to find out what to do next. Does one ever learn to much? I think NOT. I can just get lost daily in the rambling of others blogs and wonder how do they manage to do it each day? I really want to do that, I want to commit to something that can add balance to my life to get on a schedule and make a commitment to it.

My life needs structure and discipline, would you like to join me on my journey? I know that life is going to get in the way especially these next few weeks since Quilt Market & Festival are coming up but I plan on starting anyway. I know it won't be a perfect record and that is not my goal, my goal is to commit and follow through to the best of my ability. So here is my "Bucket List" for my journey to a better scheduled and productive life. Listed in no particular order.

  • Get up and dressed by 8 daily.
  • Go to bed by midnight daily. (earlier if possible)
  • Write daily on my blog.
  • For every 1 hour spent at the computer I will spend 1 hour doing another activity. (i.e. sewing, embroidery)
  • Get KAQG (Kingwood Area Quilt Guild) lottery block information set for the year.
  • Get KAQG lottery display made.
  • Make lottery blocks. (KAQG & PBPQG)
  • Prepare PBPQG (Peace By Piecing Quilt Guild) newsletter ahead of time so that I can plug in information as it is recieved instead of doing it all last minute.
  • Make a list of sewing projects needed to be finished. (UFO's)
  • Pull all the supplies and materials to complete the projects on the UFO list and create kits for easy access.
  • Create a master calendar of all activities so I can see at a glance what is coming up and plan an not wait until last minute to prepare.
  • Organize desk for better efficiency.

Well I am tired already but this is a starting point and I need to try to do my first action tonight and get in bed by midnight. It is now 10:36 PM so I need to get started. Thanks for reading if you are there please let me know by leaving a comment and as I figure all this out I will try to keep it real and let you know how it goes. I will update the list and add new ones as I come up with them.

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