Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Where Did The Week Go?

Well so much for writing on here everyday. I went to a quilt retreat this past weekend and had a fabulous time. It amazes me time and time again how totally awesome quilters are. Quilting transcends all socio-economic boundaries, no matter if you are wealthy or struggling to make ends meet, quilting just makes us all so close and such comrades.

There we ten of us on the retreat, I knew all but one of the ladies and by the end of the night Friday we were all like long lost sisters. I'm not sure when I've had a better time or better food than I had this weekend.

Well I am working at the convention center for the next two weeks for the International Quilt Market and Festival. These first three days are set-up and wow is it an undertaking. I will have more stories to share about the retreat and Quilt Festival in the days ahead.

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