Thursday, October 18, 2012

Project Due Saturday and I haven't started!

Well, I guess you can see I missed posting yesterday but it really was not a missed day because the post is out there in never never land somewhere. I downloaded the app to my phone and wrote a test post on Tuesday, then on Wednesday I woke up with a fever and chills so I kind of took it easy most of the day. I did write a post from my phone but I can't find it now. :{

Besides taking it easy yesterday I was trying to be careful and not get nervous because our water was off all day. Of course they told us ahead of time like at 5:30 on Tuesday evening. Dah, what can you do that late in the day to prepare for something like that. I can't lug water in for the toilet or anything. I can't find the stopper for the bathtub it is lost in the bottomless pit under the sink or some other such evil place of nothingness. I did make tea and kool-aid to drink but then again if you drink you have to pee, if you pee you have to flush and there you have the never ending circle of stupidity. Oh and did I mention that I haven't had light in my kitchen in 2 weeks. Our ceilings are 9 feet tall and I am in a wheelchair. The bulb was out in the florescence fixture after a week he came and put a new bulb in it came on. When he left and I turned it off and it wouldn't come back on so now the ballast was out. Well another week goes by he came Monday and said he would be back the next day to replace the fixture. Well, I got  a light today 15 days later. Do you know how hard it is to see in a darken kitchen when your are already at a disadvantage of doing it from a seated position? Having lights is not considered a emergency or necessity so they didn't have to take care of it in a timely manner, just when they got around to it. UGH.

Well, I guess I have rambled enough and got out some of my frustration, I better get my stuff ready for tomorrow, I am going on a quilting retreat with a great group of ladies from The Quilt Room in Huffman. I will try to write from my phone if it doesn't get lost in the great waste land again.

Oh there is a Blog that you should check out for a fantastic giveaway it is over at Diva Entertains for a wonderful Silhouette-Cameo. You can enter but I am going to win and you will be so jealous, but I will wish you luck anyway. Go check it out. See ya.

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